How to Kill Process using Command Prompt

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How to Kill Process using Command Prompt
In this tutorial you will learn about to End Task or kill a process from command prompt. Some time task manager didn’t work then you can use command prompt to kill particular task.
To kill task from command prompt you need to run your command prompt as a administrator.

Different way to Kill Task via CMD:-

  • If you know the name of a process to kill, for example notepad.exe, use the following command from a command prompt to end that process:
           taskkill /IM notepad.exe

Above Code Will terminate Program Normally. If there is some unsaved data then it will ask about confirmation before termination.
  • Now if you want to kill that process forcefully and not want to ask confirmation before termination then just add /F to previous command. For example to kill notepad.exe code will be:
       taskkill /F /IM notepad.exe
  • If you know the Process ID of task then to kill that task, we use taskkill /PID [Process ID]. For example if PID is 8888 then command will be:
      taskkill /PID 8888

Above ways are mainly used for kill task using command prompt. IF you don’t know about PID or process name(Image name) then you can use command tasklist. Tasklist help you give all require detail of the process you want to terminate.

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