How To Turn Your Desktop in Wifi Hotspot

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WiFi Hotspot CreatorWould you like to share your internet connection over to your room and use the same connection for LaptopMobile Phones or other devices without any kind of cable connectivity, but you don’t have any expensive wireless router! if so, don’t worry. Now you can use your internet connected desktop or laptop as a WiFi hotspot easily. Yes, many people use Connectify software for this. But some people have trouble with this software. Another thing, its provably costs you some money to use the full, whatever Connectify is!

I am talking about ‘WiFi Hotspot Creator’ . its an alternative of Connectify pro. Download this software from here.

Now go for using instructions:

Step  1: Install WiFi Hotspot Creator and restart your PC.

 Step  2: Open the program and set your hotspot information as seen bellow. then press Start to start using your newly created WiFi hotspot.
WiFi Hotspot Creator2
Note: Installation should take 5-10 Min to complete. And you must have  .net farmwork v.4 installed on your PC to run this program.

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