How To Bypass Phone Verification

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First part: Bypass Phone Verification - checked by me and its working.

This tutorial will help you bypass phone verification on any website, this can be useful when you need to use a phone number to sign up to a site and do not feel comfortable giving your real phone number, or if you want to make multiple accounts.

Step-by-Step Tutorial
1) Sign up to Tpad at the following link:
2) You will then receive an email with your Tpad number and your email verification link. It will say "Your Tpad number is 1752xxx.".
Verify your email and save your Tpad number.

3) You must now download the Tpad program, you can download it using this link:
Code:*****-dl.php     note:replace **** with n.i.n.j.a (remove (.) dots)
4) You must now go to and register with the following details:

Choose your account type: SIP
Choose Area Code for your IPKall Number: 253
SIP username: Your Tpad number
Hostname or IP address:
Email Address: Your email
Password: Pick a password
# of Seconds to ring before hanging up: 120

You will then receive a number by email, this is the number you use on the phone verification. The email will say:
"Thank you for signing up. Your IPKall phone number is: 253-802-0xxx."

5) Open the Tpad program, and enter your Tpad number and password. Wait for the phone verification call. 

Second part: 
Verify phone calls -(sms/call) - not checked. [CREDIT:-WALCOTT]

Things you will learn in this tutorial:
1. How to verify automated calls that provide Code
2. For those who don’t live in USA, will have a USA phone number to verify.
3. Works with calls and sms.
4. BONUS: Call free to any USA phone (unlimited talk time)!

First of all, I assume that you don’t live in USA and have some site that needs a usa phone number to verify your identity (example:
Here you will have your own USA phone number to provide at the site and accept voice call and sms’s.
Let’s get started!

Step 1:
1. Goto
2. Create an account.
3. Check your email for the sip login details and password.
4. Save it for now, we will need it later.

Step 2:
1. Download this SIP client:
2. Setup the application, don’t choose any add-on during the installation, you wont need those.
3. After finishing the setup, click “I already have a sip account”
4. Enter your details to setup your client. And now it will test your internet. You will need some ports unblocked (I don’t remember which ports). If the port is open then the application will run correctly and tell you everything is OK.

Verification works in two ways, i will explain the two ways here. 1. Automated voice call, 2. Automated SMS with code

Step 3: (This step is for voice call)
1. Goto
2. Register for an account. It’s free.
3. Now goto “applications”.
4. Click “Create New Application” and chose “Tropo Scripting”
5. Give any name to your application. I gave “eBay”.
6. Now click on “Hosted file” and then click “Create a new hosted file for this application”
7. On the file name, write any name with php extension. I wrote “ebay.php”
8. Now paste this code on the second box:
9. Replace “your_sip_info” with the username you register earlier.
10. Click “Create file”.
11. You will see your application now. Click on “Add a new phone number”
12. You will see to drop-down boxes, click the box right to “US and Canada Local Numbers”. Chose your favorite USA city. And click on the “plus button”
13. You will see a phone number added to your application. Write this phone number down. This is your personal USA number.
14. You’re done! Whenever someone call you on the USA phone number, it will redirected to your SIP client installed on your desktop! You will need microphone and headphone to talk.

Step 4: (This step is for SMS code)
1. Create a new application on tropo.
2. Put this code on your application:
    $myID = $currentCall->callerID;
    $myVarible = $currentCall->initialText ;

    message("New SMS FROM: ".$myID." --- ".$myVarible."---", array(
  "to" => "+155",
  "network" => "SMS"));
    hangup( );
3. Replace your phone number with international code. Like +155
4. Add a phone number.
5. You’re done! Whenever any one sends a sms on your USA number, it will be forwarded to your real phone!

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